– – – The items below reflect their previously used logo and brand – – –

MCSD_Westside School_2015-13

MCSD_Westside School_2015-12

MCSD_Westside School_2015-01

MCSD_Westside School_2015-14 MCSD_Westside School_2015-02MCSD_Westside School_2015-10 MCSD_Westside School_2015-03 MCSD_Westside School_2015-08MCSD_Westside School_2015-11

MCSD_Westside School_2015-05

MCSD_Westside School_2015-06

Westside School

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M C Simmons Design created a wide range of materials used year round. Admission materials, event fundraising, annual giving campaigns, mascot and logo wear and more.

Photography by J F Woodruff of johnw.io

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